November 26th – 29th 2019


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Tourism is one of they key economic activities of small island developing states (SIDS) – states that often contain unique cultural diversity and pristine environmental assets both on land and in the water.  While tourism needs to be encouraged to bring employment and prosperity to SIDS, it needs to be carefully managed in order to protect traditional values, cultural assets and the environment.  In the modern era of accessible travel, many developing nations have opened the floodgates of tourism resulting in the irreversible damage of the very assets that the make that country so special.

Many SIDs are at a crossroads between how far to allow the development of tourism assets while ensuring the intrinsic value of the economic, social and environmental assets is maintained. The Sustainable Islands Tourism Conference 2019 (SITC) will cover a variety of topics aligning to the vision of the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy (2018-2030), as well as those of our conference partners: the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation.

The three day conference will focus on sustainable destination management in a policy framework; the protection of sustainable tourism assets; and how to promote a fairer distribution of tourism revenue.  The workshops and presentations will be engaging and immersive into the sustainable island experience, while the breakouts will showcase different themes and engage participants into real life illustrations of sustainable island tourism.

With limited numbers, the experience will be intimate and engaging while promoting an exchange of knowledge and experiences from around the world. Spaces are limited, so register now to ensure your attendance.

Department of Tourism Vanuatu